Pictures from the Second Forest City Cup!

The second Forest City Cup was a success, with twelve Go players from across Ontario coming to participate. We spend a great Sunday morning playing Go, went out for a tasty meal of Korean food, and then came back to finish things on up for the afternoon. The final winner of the tournament was James Sedgwick (6dan) with Han-Yuan Chen (5dan) coming in second.

Thanks to all those who came out to play!

1-2013-10-021  1-2013-10-20 14.50.27 1-2013-10-20 14.49.44 1-2013-10-20 14.49.27 1-2013-10-20 14.20.46 1-2013-10-20 14.19.58 1-2013-10-20 14.19.17 1-2013-10-20 14.15.58 1-2013-10-20 14.15.31 1-2013-10-20 14.15.13 1-2013-10-20 10.53.05 1-2013-10-20 10.52.02


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