We have moved again – this time hopefully for the last time!

The Forest City Go Club has a new home, thanks to Jackie and Vanessa!

205 Oxford Street East, Unit #107

What does this mean?
1) We’ll have a stable place to play and store Club necessities;
2) We’ll be transitioning to Saturdays bi-weekly, 1pm-5pm;
3) We will again be in a major centre convenient to everyone with and without vehicles, just as it was at the Tea Lounge;
4) We will not get kicked out before we’re done playing. We have been asked that if more than 10 people show up to play that we schedule a reservation, and/or pay a fee. This won’t be an issue for a little while yet;
5) We will have our own e-mail address (** forestcitygo@glowingstone.org ** Ambjorn will be the primary contact person) in addition to the FB page;
6) Parking is available behind McCabe’s Pub, but it is pay and display;
7) We will likely have our final “2018 re-scheduling” Club meeting next week Saturday (January 20, 2018, I think), and will revert to bi-weekly meetings following that date;
8) And as the space is being donated by a local business, we should probably put some change aside to buy something to drink, at the very least, to say “thank you.” $5-10 on average for bubble tea, smoothies, warm tea (hot tea is about $2.50 if I remember correctly), desserts, etc., and is less expensive than other venues we’ve been at.

The Club Admin Committee looks forward to seeing you all at Teavolution on Saturday!

Please feel free to check our facebook page for all latest updates on meetings and pictures from our club meetings.

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