Find Us!

The Forest City Go club is a small group of enthusiastic people who have become entranced by the beauty and challenge of the board game Go.

We meet at the London Central Public Library located at 251 Dundas Street, London, ON. each Tuesday evening from 6pm to 9pm to play and teach.


The London Central Public Library is located in the downtown of the city between Clarence and Wellington Street, and is two blocks East of Richmond Street and Dundas. You can get there by taking the Richmond bus to the corner of Richmond and Dundas and walking the the library on Dundas, or by taking the Dundas Bus stop at Dundas and Wellington. Alternatively you can take both buses if you wish to not walk.

If you’re on Facebook, come join our group to trade tips with fellow members.

The current organizers of the club is Matthew Mennie, who can be reached at – please e-mail him if you have any questions about the club.

Admission is free, and the club provides all equipment needed. However, if you have a Go set, please feel free to bring it!


4 Responses to Find Us!

  1. Rahul S. says:

    How would you get to your location from the University of Western Ontario? Any tips for starting a University Go club at my university? We have no club of our own.

    • forestcitygo says:

      Hi Rahul,

      It’s easy to get to us from UWO. The best way is to take the #32 Windemere Bus from Alumni Hall and get off halfway along Kipps Lane at Belfield Street.

      Bus Schedule


      As for starting a club, you’ll have to go talk to people at the University Student Council if you want to start an official club. You could, however, just start an unofficial club by getting a couple of Go sets and just meeting at a public place like the UCC and telling everyone you’ll be there. It will be a lot less hassle.

      Western used to have a Go Club, but it died a few years ago from lack of interest.

      Hope this helps,

  2. never played befor is it hard to learn ? my daughter is 10 years n was thinking of joining

    • forestcitygo says:

      No, Go is actually pretty easy to learn. The youngest person we’ve taught Go to at the club was around 5, although generally it’s best for 8 and up.

      The club is free, and anyone is welcome! Come by with your daughter and we’ll be happy to show you how to play.


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