Club Update- March 13th, 2012

Hi All,

Wow, it’s been a while since this got updated. Between the sheer business of work and that most of the club’s activities and discussions occur on our Facebook page, this one has been neglected a bit.

Our recent meetings have taken an interesting turn. We were down to five people a meeting for a while in January and February, and then suddenly new people have started to join in the last few weeks and old members have returned! Perhaps it’s that the weather is getting better, and people are starting to come out of hibernation and want to play Go! 🙂 Either way, the club is still very much active and going each Tuesday night from 6-9, although in truth most people don’t seem to arrive until 6:30, so if you’re thinking of coming out and find nobody there at 6, don’t be discouraged.

Next meeting is tonight at 6pm at the Northbrae Hub/YMCA. (The usual place.)



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Upcoming Brock Go Tournament

Recieved this in the inbox today from the CGA:

Dear Go-friends,

With this email the Brock Go-Club wants to invite you and the Go-players of your club to the 2nd Brock Go-tournament.

When & Where:

Sunday March 25th, 2012

Brock University, St Catharines,

Plaza building, 4th floor, room 408

(building 30 on the campus map: ).


Event details:

Main tournament: 4 rounds, 30 min each side Self pairing 13×13 tournament




Start 1st round:10:00

Start 2nd round:11:30

Lunch time break

Start 3rd round:13:30

Start 4rd round:15:00

Prize giving: 16:30

We are open to suggestions especially those coming from Rochester and Toronto about changes in the number of rounds and times in order not to close too late.



Please send an email to Thomas Wolf,

subject: 2nd Brock Go tournament

content: your name, playing strength, city/club (if applicable)


Driving Directions:

On the QEW drive towards St Catharines. Shortly before St Catharines exit into Hwy 406 towards Thorold. After about 10km exit on the right into St. Davids West. Go straight over 2 crossings, then turn right into parking zone 1, A lot.On that weekend parking is free because of the Niagara Regional Science Fair.



Free: bagels, cream cheese, drinks

– 3 min walk: dining hall at Brock with a wide selection of inexpensive and good quality warm and cold food from 8:30am – 11pm <br>

– 5 min walk: McDonalds, Tim Hortens, Subways



Free for players under 18

Others: $5 or the donation of a prize



We will aim at having a prize for every player and cash prizes for the best three of each group (in total $150). Groups will be decided when we know the number and strength of participants. We are grateful to Ms Ruth Hillman who donates the top prize in the name of her late husband John who always was a supporter of Go.




I am looking forward to welcome you at Brock.


Thomas Wolf

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Meeting Reports: January 17th and 24th, 2012

Sorry for the late update, it’s been a heck of a month.

On the 17th we had seven people out, and on the 24th nine people. (With Nine being a recent record.) Not bad for a January with the weirdest and more uncomfortable weather in recent memory. (One day it’s -15, the next day- +8! What is going on?)

Regardless, our newest players Greg and Dave seem to be getting the hang of the game, and our regulars are all improving, so it’s all good! 🙂

Speaking of improving, there’s a Korean championship game linked above. Youtube has lifted their 10 minute limit, so a lot of longer content is now finding it’s way on there, such as Go games! Yay!

Next meeting is January 31st, 2012. See you there!


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Meeting Report: January 10th, 2012!

Happy New Year, All!

Well after being forced to relocate to Tim Hortons last week due to YMCA scheduling issues, we managed to have a meeting back at the YMCA this week. Seven people came, and six played (with the 7th, me, being more than a little under the weather.)

With luck, the new year will bring new friends and more chances to introduce people to Go! Thanks to everyone who came out in 2011, and I hope to see you all again in 2012!

Next meeting is Tuesday Jan 17th, 2012 at the Northbrae YMCA. See you there!


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Meeting Report- December 20th, 2011

For our final meeting of 2011, we had 4 people out. Considering it’s the holidays and exams are still going on, that’s actually not a bad turnout.

Thanks to everyone who made the Go club a success in 2011. When it started in April, we had no idea who was going to come or how it was going to turn out, but now eight months later we’ve had over 20 people come out to play and have helped host London’s first Go tournament ever! I’d say that was quite an accomplishment, and am very proud of the club and how it’s worked out.

On a personal note, I’m also glad of all the new and interesting people I’ve met through the club this year. One of the great parts of Go is that it’s a social game (hard to play solo!) and is interesting for people of all walks of life and all ages. It’s been great to watch everyone slowly get to know each other, and our club to slowly become more of a community. I hope it continues this way in 2012!

So Happy Holidays to all of you, and we’ll meet again January 3rd for our first meeting of 2012 at the Northbrae YMCA! (No meeting on December 27th!)


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Meeting Report: December 13th, 2011

We had six people out for tonight’s meeting, which wasn’t bad considering it’s the start of the holiday season. I spent most of the night teaching  our newest member, Dave, the basics of the game. Always fun to watch people new to Go figure the game out. He’s a bit slow now, but I imagine he’ll be beating most of us in a couple months!

Tuesday December 20th will be our last meeting for 2011, as the YMCA is closed on the 27th. So come out and have a final round of holiday play!

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Meeting Report(s): Nov 29th and Dec. 6th

On November 29th we had 8 people out, the same number as December 6th! Hopefully this is an upward leaning trend.  We will continue to have meetings on December 13th and 20th, but there will be no meeting this month on the 27th as the YMCA is closed that week.

Sorry for the delay in getting this report up, it’s been a crazy end of the semester for me with lots of marking and other things going on.

See you December 13th!


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