Where to find Go sets in London, ON

I’ve had a number of people ask me where they can get Go sets in London, Ontario.

If you want a high quality Go set, your best bet is to contact the Glowing Stone and go through their online store. They recently relocated to London, ON and have a number of sets for sale. The best part is you can now meet with them in person and save on shipping!

If you want an alternative, you can check out  Yellow Mountain Imports. Yellow Mountain is an American online store. eBay is also an option.

That said, if you want a cheap set worth playing on here in London go to a place called Oriental Food and Gifts, which is on Wellington Street near Baseline. It’s hidden in a plaza next to Staples, and at the very back away from Wellington street. They generally have two wooden boards and two sets of stones for sale which are decent sized, although the stones are higher quality than the boards. (They do sell these separately.) Of course, it’s a Korean place, so they know Go as Baduk, not Go. You can find the Go sets on the end of a shelf which has bowls and other Korean tableware on it.

Of course, you can also go to other Asian markets in the city and ask as well, they’ll probably be willing to order sets in for you.

Good luck!


4 Responses to Where to find Go sets in London, ON

  1. juan says:

    where in london is glowing stone

    • forestcitygo says:

      Glowing Stone has no store, it’s run out of a private apartment. You need to visit their website and make arrangements to meet the owner and see the sets.

  2. juan says:

    i want a portable go set that can fit in a back pack

    • forestcitygo says:

      For a portable Go set, I suggest trying one of the game stores in White Oaks Mall or Masonville Mall. Or, you can also find some sets online on Amazon.com.

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